About the brand

ARI & M is a New York based modern boho accessories brand for the stylish human & hound duo who are companions in fashion, travel and life. We add fun to fun-ctionality and handcraft our products, from highest quality materials, in our New York City studio. Our designs incorporate the current fashion trends, but they still have a timeless quality to them.

We believe that a pup's style is a reflection of its owner's. The Ari & M human & hound duo make a strong fashion statement by joining forces as partners in style. 

We care deeply about the welfare of all kinds of animals and endeavour to give back. Ten percent of our profit goes to ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED, a street animal rescue shelter based in Udaipur, India. You can read more about their amazing work on their website.


Maitri Mody (Founder/Designer)

Maitri is an avid traveler and has lived in three countries so far. Raised in Mumbai, she moved to New York where she got a degree from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). She lived in London for three years where she launched Ari & M. This global exposure reflects in her designs combining traditional and modern elements and inspiration from different cultures. She also has a strong background in pattern making and apparel construction.

In Dec 2015, M started an Instagram account @honeyidressedthepug followed by her blog to showcase human & hound street style trends, which quickly gained a strong following. Her followers love their twinning looks as well as Ari's impeccable style. HIDTP has been featured in Vogue, Racked Magazine, TimeOut London and The Dodo.

The success of HIDTP and years of work experience in the fashion industry combined by the inseparable bond she shares with Ari inspired her to start her own brand - Ari & M. 



Mr. Ari (Chief Attention Seeker)

Ari is one of those pups who takes his job very seriously. From supervising production to packaging products, he makes sure he is never too far from action. He is also the chief muse and in-house model who is always willing to try on new designs in return for just a few treats and cuddles.

Ari plays an important role in marketing the brand, through constant networking efforts in the dog park. Having gained years of experience in making his presence felt, he comes highly qualified for his role as CAS (Chief Attention Seeker). 

On a regular work day, one can find him brainstorming for new ideas while napping simultaneously, a true multi-tasker.  



 Khyati Shah


Khyati Shah with Poorva Shingre


 Margarita Karenko